Have you been told as an interpreter:

"You're just the interpreter"

"Be careful of your boundaries"

"Just do your job"

These harmful phrases are so commonplace that we even say them to ourselves!

These phrases (and others like them) indirectly say the concerns that arise from your work are unfounded ~~

~ ~ that there is nothing you need to worry about,
that it doesn't matter...

But the truth is, whatever aspect of your work that creates concern during interpreting work does and should matter.

This course gives you the tools to explain with confidence

WHAT and WHY it matters!

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Pay for the course in one payment or spread the payments over 4 months.

Perhaps you've heard of DC-S

Or, know it already because of

  • DC-S Textbook

    Maybe you read the textbook when you were a student.

  • DC-S Workshop

    Maybe you've attended a workshop at some point.

  • DC-S in Practice

    Maybe you already use itin your work and discussions.

How's the course designed?

The course is based on the ten chapters of the DC-S textbook, Demand Control Schema: Interpreting as a Practice Profession. (Download textbook brochure below)

Yet, while the activities in the textbook are designed for students, this course is designed for practitioners.

  • Each chapter provides access to chapter content in addition to a summary presentation designed to highlight important key concepts.

  • Each chapter comes with a workbook of activities designed for the application of each concept specifically to your interpreting practice.

  • In addition to the self-study work, there will be an optional private Facebook group to join where you can post questions and comments about the course content.

Wait? What is demand control schema?

Demand control schema (DC-S) is a series constructs, terminology, and processes based on the idea that community interpreting is a practice profession. Understanding and responding to the the context and making decisions based on the consequences of those decisions are the two main components of DC-S. Ultimately DC-S allows students, practitioners, and educators engage in a shared and productive conversation about community interpreting.

Can I review the course content?

Reviewing the content of the textbook will give you a good sense for the content of the course.

I'm still learning new things!

Alex Wright

Former student, practitioner, Peace Corps volunteer

"No matter how many times I have read this textbook, listened to your lectures, seen you present, or engaged in discussions about interpreting work, I still find myself learning new things... every time."

Taught by the creator of DC-S

Robyn K. Dean, CI/CT, PhD

Thanks, but... I already know DC-S

Yes, we hear that a lot...

But what we have come to understand is that either interpreters know just the basics (e.g., the four demand categories) or there are quite a lot of misunderstandings.

Most can't effectively implement and explain values-based decision making.

How about take a quiz and see!

FAQ about the course

  • Do you offer RID CEUs? How many?

    The course is worth 2.0 CEUs or 20 hours of CPD. Certificates available upon completion.

  • How long will the course be available?

    There really is no official close to the course. But the expectation is to complete the course within a year.

  • Do I need to buy the textbook for this course?

    No. All textbook content will be made available in the course. However, if you wish to buy the textbook, you can get it at a 40% discount off the normal price for a price of $30 (plus shipping). If you would like to take advantage of this discount, email me at robyn@demandcontrolschema.com.

  • I purchased your "Teach Online with DC-S", are these materials to be shared?

    This course is priced to be used by individuals; it is not intended to be shared (per the terms and conditions).

  • I already know DC-S; I have read the textbook, is this course for me?

    The exercises that accompany each chapter of the textbook are nothing like you would have seen before. It is not just about learning content but applying it. The application material in this course would be 'new' for almost everyone. The course will also serve as a pre-requisite for future courses offered by me. If you're still unsure, email me at robyn@demandcontrolschema.com

What have others said about DC-S?

DC-S can also transform your practice:

  • Wow! This is phenomenal...I feel that this will change the whole field of interpreting. Truly a new and refreshing concept and practice.

  • The entire concept of the DC-S has given me a refreshing and very useful perspective on the interpreting profession. I feel like I have more choices available to me in my decision-making!

  • A transformative paradigm shift that will help interpreters in profound ways. Thank you for your articulation of these important concepts!!!

  • Robyn, you've really helped to validate all the instinctual decisions I’ve made along the way. DC-S will help refine my decision making. Will help me articulate decision-making processes with mentees, students, and colleagues.

  • DC-S will affect my work forever. I can now look at interpreting situations and know how to analyze and handle them appropriately.

  • I can't emphasize enough how important I think the work you do is. I can now look at interpreting situations and know how to analyze and handle them appropriately.

Pricing options

Pay for the course in one payment or spread the payments over 4 months.

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