Online courses in Demand Control Schema

In Development

  • DC-S Master Class

    For practitioners or teachers who want to understand and articulate the context and values that compel and contain interpreters' actions.

  • Reflective Practice Techniques

    For practitioners or mentors who want to move from reflection-on-action to *reflection-in-action* by applying theory to practice.

  • Longevity in Interpreting

    For those practitioners who want to explore questions of career maintenance and psychological and emotional health over the long term.

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  • Pre-professionals

  • Practicing Interpreters

  • Interpreters seeking to reach a new level in their professional practice.

  • Those in the field of interpreting who want to use demand control schema to increase their effectiveness and reduce stress.

With me!

Robyn K Dean, CI/CT, PhD

Robyn has been a nationally certified signed language interpreter for over twenty-five years with particular service in the field of healthcare. Her scholarship in decision-making and ethics in community interpreting is recognized internationally. Robyn has over twenty publications, all of which focus on the theoretical and pedagogical frameworks used to advance the practice of community interpreters. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she is the lead instructor on the institute’s postgraduate degree in healthcare interpretation. Robyn also consults on postgraduate degrees for signed language interpreters in Europe.
Robyn Dean